Why Not - Boho for Prom?


Some say vintage but we prefer the term Boho. Yes, it is that bohemian style that brings back the retro feel from the 60's which offers an ultra-feminine and romantic feel to your prom style. For prom 2015, we saw a love for the lace girly style that was strong enough to push the look forward to prom 2016. Now, updated the prom 2016 trend in bohemian style looks toward the cascading lace but moves in new directions also. Add beautifully clean embroidered bodices with detail given to color design or beaded fringe that accents a short lace design and you have a start on what direction to envision for your boho prom style. Just remember to style this look with the simplicity it requires. Basic neutral shades for a minimal makeup look and simple accessories make that gorgeous dress the focal point of your fashion statement.